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New Books: Templar, Medieval & Renaissance

There are many good books on Medieval times, Templars and the Renaissance, but as more manuscripts and other materials come to light some of the new books are even better. Some surprisingly so. There are even books on the Society for Creative Anachronism, as you will see. So here are some of the best choices and a few words on each of them that may help in choosing which ones will give you the most positive reading experience.

Medieval history

Medieval history

Knights Templar

Sworn in Secret

by Sanford Holst     (2012)

This is the history of the Knights Templar in richer detail than you have seen before. The events leading up to their origin are surprising, and accounts of what happened to them after they were attacked are fascinating. They left a lasting impact on our society.

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History of the Knights Templars

by Charles G. Addison     (1842)

An oldie-but-a-goodie, this was one of the first detailed histories of the Templars. Addison had access to many original documents, some written in Latin. This book is often reprinted, but the best version is this one by Childress.

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Medieval History

The History of the Medieval World

by Susan Wise Bauer     (2010)

Rich in detail, this is a readable account of events from the fall of Rome to the First Crusade in 1099 AD. It not only describes the rise and fall of rulers in Europe and other continents, but also the intriguing role of religion in the events of these days. 

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Medieval History for Dummies

by Stephen Batchelor     (2010)

As you might expect, this is the familiar high-level summary of important and interesting facts and people during the Middle Ages. It may get too much into conflicts, plagues, and power battles for some tastes, but if you are looking for a quick view of the fifth to sixteenth centuries, this is it.

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The Oxford History of Medieval Europe

by George Holmes     (2002)

This is a traditional history made up of sections written by six scholars and edited by Holmes. As such it covers all the names, dates and places but does not break new ground or get into the lives of ordinary people. Good but not great.

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The Renaissance

The Renaissance, a Short History

by Paul Johnson     (2002)

This short book on the Renaissance gives a good overview of the events and people of that time. Yet it also feels opinionated in some parts, perhaps due to covering so much ground in only 208 pages. But all in all, a good quick look at this pivotal time. 

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The Italian Renaissance

by J. H. Plumb     (2001)

The first half of this book is a traditional look at the Renaissance in Italy. The rest is a collection of biographies on the most prominent artists and rulers of that time. It focuses on the Italian contribution rather than the whole movement, but is a good introduction to this time.

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Society for

Creative Anachronism

The Knowne World Atlas

by Sarre Greyhand     (2010)

The SCA society's kingdoms cover parts of US states and continents in a sometimes confusing array. Each kingdom and its parts are shown here, along with its coat of arms (heraldic device). This also doubles as a coloring book. It is likely to only be of interest to society members. 

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The Knights Next Door

by Patrick O'Donnell     (2004)

If you are curious about the SCA society, there are only two good ways to find out about it. You can go to one of their events. Or you can read this book. It is an entertaining look inside the goings-on of the various activities, with a focus on the kingdom in the Mid-Western US. A very good introduction.

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Medieval History, Crusades and Knights Templar

We have picked out some of the more fascinating people and events of the Middle Ages and include them here. The actual beginning of the Crusades dates back to 325 AD and a woman named St. Helena. Later the Templars became wealthy by introducing bank checks to Europe, but could not have done it without the literate brothers among them who wore green robes with the red cross. Strange but true.

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